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Apply now for the DEKRA Award. The next ceremony will take place in Berlin at the end of October

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What is the DEKRA Award?

Do you have an initiative or process that has prevented accidents and made the world a little safer?
The DEKRA Award was initiated to enhance the importance of safety as a key success factor of forward-looking action.

With the DEKRA Award, DEKRA and its media partner WirtschaftsWoche provide you with an excellent opportunity for publicly presenting your best practices in the areas of safety in transport, safety at work, and safety at home. The focus is on outstanding achievements or solutions that make the world safer.

With your expertise and commitment, you help protect people in road traffic. In doing so, you deal with human behaviour in traffic or predictive planning in road traffic. Alternatively, you implement manufacturer-specific developments that reduce the number of road casualties.

We are looking for companies, organisations, initiatives and individuals who contribute to increased safety in transport thanks to their concepts or measures.

Subject areas:

  • People and behaviour in road traffic
  • Traffic planning and infrastructure
  • Road safety technology

Thanks to pioneering best practices, you have established a safety culture that is desirable for other companies and organisations. You have recognised that protecting employees is a good thing and that risk management and innovative management concepts can be established with safety initiatives.

We are looking for companies, organisations, initiatives and individuals who operate in the field of safety at work in an exemplary manner.

Subject areas:

  • Management commitment
  • Innovative management concepts
  • Safety initiative
  • Risk management
  • Safety training and communication
  • Work and health
  • Occupational health and safety in production

Thanks to your concept, initiative and measures, you contribute to the prevention of accidents in the home or in the immediate vicinity. For example, you prevent mechanical risks in order to minimise fire hazards, or draw attention to safety risks and possible solutions at home.

We are looking for companies, organisations, initiatives and individuals who have achieved outstanding things for more safety at home.

Subject areas:

  • Prevention of accidents at home
  • Prevention of accidents in the immediate vicinity of the home
  • Fire safety
  • Health risks
  • Target group: particularly vulnerable people
  • Campaigns and initiatives

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